Mini Shock® dancers show that you are never too young to be innovative and learn to work hard. These troupes are a fun way for children 5 years and under to grow through Hip Hop dance and be exposed to the core values of the Hip Hop community, including self-worth and respect for others. Mini Shock® and our other youth dance troupes are led by Lisa Norman, our Director of Youth Programs, and their respective artistic directors.


Tricia Orpilla, Artistic Director

Tricia is originally from Jacksonville, Florida but was raised primarily in Virginia Beach area most of her life. Her dance background includes Ballet, Baton, Cheerleading, Filipino Folk Dance, Hip-Hop, Hula, Jazz, Maori, Musical Theatre and Tahitian. In addition to being the Artistic Director for Culture Shock D.C.’s Mini Shock ®, she also serves as director for three other dance companies. Two of the local groups in the area are YFAMD (Young Filipino American Modern Dancers), a hip-hop company, and Halau Kahealani, a Polynesian Entertainment Dance group. In addition to these volunteer activities, Tricia works for the City of Virginia Beach as a Guest Teacher as well as being a Dance Ministry Teacher for Message in Motion and an occasional Dance Guest Teacher at The Visual and Performing Arts Center in Salem High School at Virginia Beach. On her off time she organizes dance workshops and plans fundraisers for various charities. Tricia has a degree in Mass Communication, a degree in Business Administration and hopes on finishing her Bachelors in Multidisciplinary Studies of Education at Cambridge College.

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