NOVEMBER 17, 2017 @ 8:00PM

Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center: 8270 Alumni Dr, College Park, MD 20742


“Dominique Battiste started her dancing career with her Mom at the age of 2 and won her first World Dance Title at the age of 6. Even though Hip-Hop is her first love, Dominique is trained in Ballet, Jazz, Horton and Contemporary and loves all movement styles of dance. Dominique started her professional career choreographing for her best friend Zendaya for her tour and stage shows, became a PULSE Elite on her first try and right after graduation started her journey to LA. Once in LA, Dominique made her mark by training/working with LA’s elite choreographers and shortly after became a dancer for Janet Jackson, P Diddy, J-Lo, Tao, and you can see her perform regularly with Ocean’s 11 and Immabeast Company.

Dominique has a passion to share her experiences and knowledge of what it took for her to get where she is and her goals going forward. Her motto: “Never settle for just Tomorrow” is the driving force behind her GRIND!” (MSA Agency Website Biography)

Workshop w/ Dominique Battiste!