Thank you for your interest in Culture Shock® DC’s 2015 East Coast Dance Competition!  Please see an abridged list of competition rules and regulations below.  Please keep these rules in mind as you complete your registration form.


  1. The competition is open to dancers of all ages
  2. The competition is open to dancers from all locations
  3. Dancers are only allowed to compete with ONE team
    1. While there are many groups that share dancers, we will not be able to organize the show around everyone’s needs and/or preferences
  1. Each team that is selected to compete must pay a competitor’s fee of $25 per competing dancer
  • The fee will include the following for each competing dancer: registration, dinner, and an East Coast Dance Competition souvenir
  1. All competition pieces must be 5 minutes or less in length
  2. Radio edit versions of music are acceptable. Please minimize cursing and suggestive language.


  1. 1st Place = $2,500 and ECDC Trophy
  2. 2nd Place = $1,000 and ECDC Trophy
  3. 3rd Place = $500 and ECDC Trophy

A full list of rules and regulations will be provided to the teams chosen to participate in the 2015 East Coast Dance Competition.

Please contact ECDC.cultureshockdc@gmail.com with questions, concerns, or inquires.

Thank you for your interest in ECDC; we look forward to seeing you in December!