Artistic Staff

The staff of Culture Shock DC consists of the organization’s talented and dedicated artistic directors. They are responsible for the choreography and artistic directions of their respective dance troupes. Some members of our staff are also instructors for Culture Shock DC’s weekly hip hop dance classes. They teach at all levels- beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

William Miller Jr, Artistic Director

William Miller Jr
William Miller, Jr. began his dance journey in 2000. Foundationally a jazz dancer, he discovered his love for hip-hop dance and urban styles when he attended the University of Maryland: College Park. During his studies in Kinesiology and Public Health, he joined Dynamic Hip-Hop Dance Team and ever since then his love for dance, leadership, and the community has become integral in his life.

During his time on Dynamic Hip-Hop Dance Team, William was a core member for five years, a contributing choreographer, and eventually went on to become one of the Directors/Vice President of the team. Using his foundation and knowledge gained from his experiences in college, he joined Culture Shock® first as a scholar and then officially as a member of the Season 13 cast in 2015. After his first year on Culture Shock®, he was chosen to serve as one of the Choreography Captains for Season 14 in 2016. Through being a captain he learned many skills relating to operations, dancer development, leadership, and the overall functioning of Culture Shock® as an organization. In 2017, William was named the Artistic Director of Culture Shock® DC for Season XV. As a member and Director of Culture Shock® DC, William strives to cultivate professionalism, confidence, and fearlessness in his dancers, while creating a safe, fun, innovative, and hardworking environment.

Outside of directing Culture Shock® DC, William dances with his crew, Sticks N Stones, co-directs a dance project called Code Red and teaches dance at two studios as well as various dance workshops. He has had the opportunity to teach at the University of Maryland, various locations in North Carolina, Virginia, D.C., and Ottawa Canada. He wants to use his talents to continue to spread his love of dance, community, and choreography through his passion for teaching, directing, and artist development.

Liza Bundalian, Captain, Choreography

Liza Bundalian

Growing up, Liza was not into performing. Pushed by her parents, she would perform Asian-Pacific cultural dances in festivals and the like, but never thought much of it. It wasn’t until her family moved to the States in the late 90s that Liza’s love for dance began after being inspired by many Pop music acts of the time. Throughout her early teens, Liza joined community dance and cheerleading troupes and performed at local talent shows and events. From 2002 to 2005, she attended Great Mills High School, where she joined the school’s dance team and soon became head captain her junior/senior year. Even after she graduated, she returned the following year to help choreograph for the team and became an assistant coach. In 2006, Liza went on to attend the College of Southern Maryland, where she began learning Jazz, Ballet, and Modern, eventually joining the Jazz Ensemble Cast until 2009. She also started working at the House of Dance, LLC, where she became a part-time Hip-Hop instructor until 2014. In 2008, Liza transferred to Towson University and in 2010, wanted to expand her dance vocabulary and studied Ballroom for a semester. After graduating college, Liza moved back home and put her dance knowledge to use, assisting the Filipino-American Association of Southern Maryland as a lead choreographer and dance coordinator. In 2014, Liza moved to Northern Virginia and began training at Metropolitan School of the Arts, later joining the staff as a hip-hop instructor from 2015 to 2016. There, she joined the dance crew, Family Matters. In 2016, Liza achieved a goal that she had worked years for and became a core company dancer for Culture Shock Washington, DC®.

** Liza currently works as a financial management analyst at the United States Naval Academy and has been a federal civilian employee for the past 10 years. **

Monique Watson, Captain, Choreography

Monique Watson

Monique Watson, Season XV Choreo Captain is in her 3rd season with Culture Shock Washington, D.C.®. She has immersed herself in the Culture Shock® Organization beyond her movement by campaigning for strong fundraising efforts, planning numerous events including our very successful Shockwave workshops. She also is the Social Media Coordinator and founded our CSDC Video Production and Photography Internship programs. Outside of what she does for Culture Shock Washington, D.C.®, she is the Artistic Director of Phunktions Dance Co. at University of Maryland College Park, has danced with FKA Twigs, the Akia Deyvon Project, and teaches at various places including BlackRock Center for the Arts and Paint Branch Elementary School’s S.T.A.R.S. Program.

Minilik Addis, Scholarship Coordinator

Minilik Addis

Minilik Addis is from Salisbury, Maryland, part of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. He has earned his Bachelor of Arts in Dance from the University of Maryland, College Park. Addis has been dancing since he got onto Dynamic Dance Team in 2012, based out of the University of Maryland, College Park. He was the Co-Director of the team for his last season. Addis continued to audition and join Culture Shock Washington, D.C.® for its 14th season. Additionally, he was a company member of Culture Shock Washington, D.C.®’s Freestyle Team. Addis is also a company member of Capitol Movement. Currently, he is a dance instructor/choreographer for ZD Dance Academy and subs for various studios in the DMV area. Addis is now in his second season with the company and serves as the Scholarship Coordinator. He loves Coca-Cola and puppies.

Ollie Sangster, Artistic Director, Future Shock DC ®

Ollie Sangster
Ollie started dancing in the fall of 2010 as a member of Dynamic, a hip­hop dance organization on the University of Maryland College Park campus. There he received a rigorous training regiment that would help prepare him to work in the industry. After a year Ollie auditioned for and made Culture Shock Washington D.C. Culture Shock is a non­profit Professional Hip­Hop Dance organization focused on giving back to the youth. Ollie held a leadership role as a choreography captain and was the head of reach­out community service on the adult company that helps contribute to Culture Shock DC’s 501(c)3 Non­Profit status. Culture Shock has provided many opportunities for Ollie. He has trained with elite dancers and choreographers from all over the nation such as; Tony Tzar, Lyle Beniga, George Jones Jr., Jose BoyBoi Tena, Amandy Fernandez, Neil Schwartz, Jared Jenkins, and many others. From there Ollie went on to be a founder an elite all-male crew, the UpperClassMen, which debuted in October of 2012. The UpperClassMen have since then competed and showcased in various places on the east coast, bringing complex and entertaining choreography to audiences everywhere. Ollie has opened for groups such as Poreotics, and Elektrolytes and has been featured in music videos from local artists including but not limited to Alexis Valencia, and the Ozone. Ollie has also done some industry work with DC50 the CW as a dancer/actor. Ollie has worked at various studios around the DMV including but not limited to B.funk Dance Company, Dawn Crafton Dance Connection, and Elite Dance Studio. There he works as a teacher/choreographer for some of the top youth talents in the DMV. Through B.funk, he worked closely with Monsters of Hip­Hop assisting choreographers including Sean Bankhead, Kevin Maher, Laura Edwards, and more. As a choreographer, Ollie has toured internationally traveling to over 20 states and 4 countries. Ollie has had pieces on stages such as Culture Shock International Choreographers’ Showcase, World of Dance, Universoul Circus, Prelude, Pride Dance Competition, and the National Dance Congress of Mexico.

Unissa Cruse-Ferguson, Artistic Director, Mighty Shock DC ®

Unissa Cruse-Ferguson

Unissa Cruse- Ferguson (24), winner of the Hairspray Live auditions was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Unissa attended the University of Maryland- College Park, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Dance through the Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies program. While at UMD, Unissa was given the opportunity to be the Artistic Director for Phunktions Dance Company, a contemporary hip- hop dance organization, whose mission is to enhance self- expression through the fusion of music and dance and to promote community involvement in philanthropic events.
After UMD, Unissa worked for some time in Washington, DC as an investigator for the Public Defender Service. Unissa also joined another dance organization until, Culture Shock DC, as a principal dancer, until 2016. CSDC is an adult, non-profit, hip- hop troupe of individuals who through the power of music and dance cultivate self- worth, dignity, and respect for all people. CSDC members strive to be positive influences to our youth troupes. There are a number of other branches within the organization that are located across the United States and Canada.
Currently, Unissa is a Co-Artistic Director for Mighty Shock D.C., one of the youth troupes within the CSDC organization. Mighty Shock members are trained in core areas of hip- hop and have the privilege to perform throughout the DC community, as well as the west coast. Unissa is also a company member of another non-profit dance organization, Capitol Movement Dance Company, Incorporated. CMI is also based in Washington, DC. Company members perform at various venues, events, and for gigs throughout the community. CMI has also been awarded multiple opportunities to perform on military bases in other countries around the world.

“Dance is to me as breath is to you…and I can’t wait to share my passion with you.”

Ashley Chapmen, Mighty Shock® Co-Artistic Director

Ashley Chapmen
Ashley Chapman grew up in Baltimore, Maryland where she started dancing when she was four years old. She began competitive dance at a very young age, earning awards in jazz, tap, and musical theatre. As a Theatre Major at Morgan State University, Ashley performed in collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery and the Walters Art Museum as well as starring as Penelope in the fall production of “The Odyssey.” Later she transferred to the University of Maryland, College Park as a Dance Major in 2008. There she performed in concerts for the Maryland Dance Ensemble. Most notably it was at the University of Maryland where she discovered her love of hip hop dance and joined Dynamic Dance Troupe in 2009. It was also through Dynamic that Ashley was introduced to Culture Shock. She auditioned for Culture Shock DC in Season 9 and was selected as a scholarship dancer. She was soon promoted to a member of the company. In 2012 she joined Cynthia Chavez in directing Mighty Shock® DC. Ashley has also had the pleasure of dancing as a member of Washington DC’s Splittin Image Crew. In addition she has danced for local vocal artist Shannon Ramsey, the opening act for Lil’ Wayne’s “I Am Music Tour” in Baltimore and for J. Holiday. Ashley is currently a core member of the Baltimore Dance Crew Project (BDCP) and the Co-Artistic Director of Mighty Shock® DC. As Co-Artistic Director, Ashley carries out her true passion of bringing dance to children of all backgrounds and provides training and mentorship to young dancers who would otherwise not have the opportunity.

Tricia Orpilla, Mini Shock® Artistic Director

Tricia Orpilla
Tricia is originally from Jacksonville, Florida but was raised primarily in Virginia Beach area most of her life. Her dance background includes Ballet, Baton, Cheerleading, Filipino Folk Dance, Hip-Hop, Hula, Jazz, Maori, Musical Theatre and Tahitian. In addition to being the Artistic Director for Culture Shock D.C.’s Mini Shock ®, she also serves as director for three other dance companies. Two of the local groups in the area are YFAMD (Young Filipino American Modern Dancers), a hip-hop company, and Halau Kahealani, a Polynesian Entertainment Dance group. In addition to these volunteer activities, Tricia works for the City of Virginia Beach as a Guest Teacher as well as being a Dance Ministry Teacher for Message in Motion and an occasional Dance Guest Teacher at The Visual and Performing Arts Center in Salem High School at Virginia Beach. On her off time she organizes dance workshops and plans fundraisers for various charities. Tricia has a degree in Mass Communication, a degree in Business Administration and hopes on finishing her Bachelors in Multidisciplinary Studies of Education at Cambridge College.