History of Culture Shock®, Washington, DC

In 2001 our current Executive Director, Margareta Chughtai (formerly Eysel), moved from San Diego, California, where she was a core dancer with the original non-profit Culture Shock® dance organization, to start a new life on the east coast. She soon settled in the State of Maryland. In 2002 Margareta and co-founder Brian Resurrection decided to establish a Culture Shock® chapter in the Washington, D.C.-area and called it Culture Shock®, Washington, D.C. (Culture Shock® DC or CSDC). Margareta served its first Artistic Director while Brian served as the Administrative Director. Since then CSDC grew with the addition of many new dancers, captains, and staff members. Previously CSDC operated under the non-profit umbrella of Culture Shock® San Diego. However, since 2009, CSDC runs as an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization affiliated with the greater Culture Shock® International dance organization. Like the other Culture Shock® chapters, the mission of the Culture Shock® DC is to utilize Hip Hop & urban dance culture to cultivate education, enrichment, and entertainment to inspire positive change in the communities we serve.”

Culture Shock® DC has about 150 dancers in five troupes based on age and experience. The main professional troupe, Culture Shock®, actively performs around the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. In a world where style and music are constantly changing, Culture Shock® choreography remains innovative and unique, resulting in a troupe of individuals who express Hip Hop in a style all their own. Our concerts continue to draw many dance fans from the DC-area and beyond, even selling out venues with 1,500 seats.

In addition to our concerts, national and international dance instructors visit to introduce new and exciting choreography at our weekly classes. These instructors train our dancers and other passionate members of the community different styles in Hip Hop and American Street Dance.

Washington Monument
Culture Shock® DC’s on-going commitment to community involvement is exemplified by its Afta Shock® adult program and its Future Shock®, Mighty Shock®, and Mini Shock® youth programs. Afta Shock® dancers demonstrate that age doesn’t limit their passion for sharing their love of Hip Hop dance. Likewise, Culture Shock® dancers work with Future Shock®, Mighty Shock®, and Mini Shock® youth to offer them a positive alternative to some of the destructive influences plaguing today’s youth and promote self-confidence. The family environment fosters teamwork, respect, and positive self-expression. Future Shock®, Mighty Shock®, and Mini Shock® dancers are then given the opportunity to exhibit and showcase their talents to the community, friends, family, and peers. Future Shock ®dancers are required to maintain satisfactory grade-point averages and also participate regularly in local community events.